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Womens Jacket Solid Long Sleeve Lapel Neck Slim Womens Suits Discount Online Shopping - Womens Jacket
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Womens Jacket Solid Long Sleeve Lapel Neck Slim Womens Suits Discount Online Shopping – discount Womens Jacket online shopping

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  • Material: Lycra
  • Pattern: Solid


  • Ensconce yourself in luxury with this stylish women suit
  • With the cool design, it is the fashion top choice
  • This women suit is a very fashion gift for you or someone special
  • It is soft to touch and comfortable to wear
  • Long sleeve style makes you look graceful 

Size in Detail:

ClothType Size Shoulder Width Bust Waist Sleeve Length Color
cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch
/ L 39 15.21 94 36.66 90 35.10 57 22.23 N/A
/ M 37 14.43 90 35.10 85 33.15 56 21.84 N/A
/ S 35 13.65 86 33.54 80 31.20 55 21.45 N/A


  • Measured size refers to the followed measurement image
  • Because of measuring by hands, errors must have been existed, controlled from 1 to 5 cm
  • These dimensions are for reference only; specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Measure:


  • The stylish design of this women suit will make you more attractive

  • Simplicity and uniqueness of this women suit will bring you a great surprise

  • These women suits become more and more popular among the young fashion women

What Is Lycra Fabric?

Lycra is usually combined with other fabrics such as cotton and polyester to complete the article of clothing. Lycra is more often used in women's clothing than men's, due to the form-fitting nature that appeals more to women.

A scientist at DuPont invented spandex in 1959 and soon thereafter trademarked its version of the fabric as Lycra. Although women's undergarments are the majority of the Lycra business, it remains a popular fabric due to its resistance to detergents, lotions and perspiration, unlike rubber thread.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Women's Suit

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