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Mens Jackets Slim Solid Stand Collar Zipper PU Casual Men Jacket Discount Online Shopping - Mens Jackets
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Mens Jackets Slim Solid Stand Collar Zipper PU Casual Men Jacket Discount Online Shopping – discount Mens Jackets online shopping

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  • Material: PU
  • Pattern: Solid


  • Decoration on the pu jacket is attractive, making the clothes special
  • You will be cool when you wearing this black jacket
  • This zipper jacket is also an excellent choice for big party, personal party, Club, DISCO and so on
  • The black jacket is mixed with simplicity and elegance
  • With stylish design, this black jacket is popular 

Size in Detail:

ClothType Size Shoulder Width Sleeve Length Chest Waist Total Length Color
cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch
/ L 43 16.77 64 24.96 102 39.78 N/A N/A 63 24.57 N/A
/ M 42 16.38 62 24.18 98 38.22 N/A N/A 62 24.18 N/A
/ XL 44 17.16 65 25.35 106 41.34 N/A N/A 64 24.96 N/A
/ XXL 46 17.94 66 25.74 108 42.12 N/A N/A 64 24.96 N/A
/ XXXL 47 18.33 67 26.13 110 42.90 N/A N/A 65 25.35 N/A


  • Measured size refers to the followed measurement image
  • Because of measuring by hands, errors must have been existed, controlled from 1 to 5 cm
  • These dimensions are for reference only; specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Measure:


How to Clean PU Faux Leather:

Whether for shoes, handbags, furniture or anything else, PU faux (imitation) leather is an excellent choice. Not only is it much cheaper than real leather, it is easier to take care of. PU Faux leather requires no conditioning and only needs to be cleaned occasionally

•l  Put a good squirt of soap in the bucket. Fill the bucket halfway with warm water. Mix until there are lots of bubbles

•l  Wet a rag in the soapy water and wring most of the water out. Your rag should be wet but not dripping. Rub a small portion of the PU faux leather clean. Re-wet the rag when needed

•l  Use a clean rag to dry off the portion already washed. Watch for drips. If water runs down into seams and doesn't get wiped up, it could damage the PU faux leather

•l  Continue to do this with the rest of the PU. Do not wet a larger area than you can wipe off before it dries

•l  Use PU polish with a dry rag after cleaning

Package Included:

  • 1 x Men's Jacket

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